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January 13, 2020


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Item C is correct.


I think the paragraph doesn't say anything about specific skill yet.


C is the correct answer. The paragraph is giving information about essential skills that are needed in changing work environment.

I guess A is the correct answer.
This paragraph is just an introduction to the essential skills which will be detailed in the next paragraphs.


A -> C

A is too wide
B no information








The best answer is B.

Here's why:

Answer A is too general. 'Challenges' could mean anything, and the passage is specifically about work.

Answer B is good because the passage is about work in the 2020s, and "how to succeed" is also mentioned e.g. Do you have what it takes to be competitive?... flourish in the next decade.

Answer C doesn't mention the 2020s, which is a key theme in the passage. Also, the skills aren't mentioned yet - they are probably described in the rest of the passage, but we can only use what we have.


Thank you for correct answer.


as my understanding, it seems like if the paragraph is consisted all ideas, and has a few question. Then the headline should be a question as well? (I was thinking the headline A is the right anwser)

I think A is closer than B or C.

As it mentioned ‘the next decade will pose challenges for employees...’
The word ‘competitive ‘ is also similar to ‘challenge’?
Thank you!

Dear Siomon. Firstly i also think that, Answer c will be correct but when read through again that
time, i think, number -c is not correct answer. correct answer is B. For the reason that answer is specify the what we have to do and why?

Hi Mr. Simon

looking into the choices,
I'll pick letter B, As It defines the goal well,
however Letter A is quit similar to letter be but it has doesn't illustrate the goal perfectly,

Letter C is way far from the correct Answer,


Hello Simon, thanks for question.

As you say true answer is B but there is nothing related with "succeed" in passage.

Doesn't C more relevant since all topic is about skills etc.

Hi Simon,

I agree that A is too general, however B and C are both equally applicable and relatable as the passage's heading.

Firstly, the 2020s is only mentioned once in the passage so that hardly qualifies as key theme of the passage, but more like a convenient example as we're all currently in the beginning of the 2020s, and secondly the passage ends with a question, so it's only natural for the readers to assume that this is a part of a longer body of work and the essential skills will be further detailed later. Indeed, I think most upper-intermediate students who consistently read much longer passages will instantly assume it is only a preamble of a longer essay and will deviate towards C rather than B.

Would love to hear your opinion on this.


Answer: C

A- "the next decade will pose challenges "; "by the end of the 2020s that will look very different" => 2020s only "are changing ", next decade is a actual challenge.

B- " some skills will not be relevant" and what you should do => do not clearly show meaning "to success"

C- is the answer, because of above explanations (2020s only "are changing " + " some skills will not be relevant" and what you should do )

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