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January 20, 2020


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Yes, this problem is with us, but teachers are not revealing truth or proper method by which students are not focusing on their needy parts.They fail again and again .For average students ,the exam is really difficult because every module should be perfect.Every body says read newspaper a lot, watch movies and TV series .Is this going to help in IELTS?

hello simon..use of 'although' with 'but
is incorrect in sentence?



If you want to focus on just one resource, use the official reading tests in the Cambridge IELTS books. Use them for 'study' (as I explained above) as well as for testing.



Can you give an example sentence?

Thank you so much Simon sir.I am following your website from many years.

I have similar issue with listening section, everyone advises to practice and practice. At home-tests my score sometimes goes to 38 correct to sometimes 30-32 correct. Don't understand the variation and how to improve.

Simon, please suggest.


I don't have a complete answer, but perhaps diagnose what the major issue is. (1) Do you get all the answers right when you replay it the second time? (2) Is one section more difficult than the others? (3) Is it a vocabulary issue? Or a comprehension issue? Or an issue with the accent/speed? (4) If you read the tape-script do you get all the answers correct?

If I remember correctly, a score of over thirty will get you a band 7.0. Do you need and average of band 7.0 or a minimum of band 7.0 in all bands?

Great questions Kata! That's the kind of self-analysis that people need to do.

Thanks Kata, i will do the self analysis in my next listening tests. Prima ficae, its the section 2 and 3 where i get most wrong. Section 4 is where i score well.


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