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January 18, 2020


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hi Simon,
I just want to say that this website helped me alot to get good score in my ielts exam. You are doing an amazing work and your website is the best platform for ielts preparation.
Thankyou sir

thanks for your teaching.I prepare for my IELTS

Thank you Simon for the sample answer for the speaking part. This gives us clear ideas how native speakers answers in IELTS exams.
Thanks again.

Thank you for the valuable lessons on this site Simon, I have seen your post regarding some changes in IELTS listening, a humble request to clarify the third point, "page number references".
I am sorry if this is the right place to ask this question.

I listened to your sample answers for the speaking part about London. I think your speaking was great with all the necessary contents in and the adjectives you used to describe the city was also perfect as well. Moreover, you had conclusion sentences everytime you want to move on to the next topic. Your sample speaking really helped me!
Thank you.


You're welcome Maria, Khin, Sarvar and Su Jung!



It means that you won't see any page numbers on the listening test. I doubt many people use the page numbers anyway, because you're following the question numbers.

Thank you -Simon- for this model answer, which I consider is straight-forward enough, and here is the word-to-word transcript (with only one word missed out):

I'm going to describe an interesting place that I've visited which is London.. London is the capital city of England, and it's in the south east of the country, and I think it's a great place to visit. There're many things to do in London, it's famous for its history, its culture, the museums. But I think most tourists go there to see tourist attractions like "Big Ben", "The Tower Of London" or "Bucking Palace". You can get a fantastic view of the city from "the London Eye", which is a big wheel right next to the river "Thames" in the middle of the city, and London is also famous for its theatres and shows and "???" , and for the shopping , and the restaurants, and also for the night life, so there're endless things to see-and–do there. The reason I like London, I think it's an interesting place is because of the exciting atmosphere, it's a really busy, hectic city, and it's very cosmopolitan with people from all over the world, and with many different cultures mixing together. So I think this makes it unique. It's a historic city, but it's very modern at the same time, and it's also a thriving, successful place.. There're some negatives, and London is very expensive, and the cost of living –well- the cost of living is high, and it's a crowded, stressful place,there's pollution, and people complain that the underground system is dirty, and the locals are sometimes unfriendly, because they're always in hurry. But I think the problems that you see there are the problems of any big city, so for me, London is a really exciting , interesting place, and I think it's really worth visiting for those reasons.

Good work Ali.


- Buckingham Palace.
- theatres in the West End (an area of London)

Thank you Simon for the clarification regarding page number references

Oh my ...desk!
I'm so in love with your voice. It's your real voice, isn't it?
Thank you!
(I've just followed your website for a half an hour beginning with the newest - thank you again, so practical and friendly)

Thanks Tracy, yes that's my voice! I'm glad you like the lessons.

It's so amazing, where can I get more record for the topic 2 ? Definitely from Simmom, I love his accent and intonation !

I listen and repeat it until I could remember every words and imitate the accent, I spent a half month to do it, and I really got improved, I could feel my progress by using this method. (Mock point 6 to 6.5 )This kind of record from Simon is the best material I have ever seen, better than BBC 6 Minutes English or Ellen talk show, I am trying to find more records like that!
Thanks for your help!
Sorry for typing your name wrong in the last comment.

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