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February 25, 2020


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Sir, please let me know in a computer-based IELTS test, will we be having a chance to go through the questions of the next section when we are asked to check our work of the previous section, similar to the paper-based test and also in a computer-based test is it possible to underline the keywords.
Thank you
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Thank you very much for the lesson, sir!
I have a question that is how can I improve my listening skills besides using Cambridge books. I know that I should listen as much as I can but I wonder what should I do when I listen to something?

Hello..sir can u tell me plz...how to transfer answer of listening or reading capital or small letters..??
Is any change come in answering method???

Dear sir, could you be kind enough to tell me this is correct or not. In listening I filled in the information: shipping agent: 1st class mover. When I saw the key: First Class Mover. That means I forgot to capitalize the letters to name the agent. Is my answer marked incorrect? Thanks

Please I need your help Preparing for my Exam

for the people who don't know whether they should write their answers in Capital letters or small letters ... in order to avoid confusion, for listening and reading, try to write everything in Capital letters (or small letters only, it is your choice basically) ... don't forget not to use the same strategy for writing. Good Luck!

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