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February 28, 2020


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Could someone be kind enough to correct my writings - Thanks
There are lots of things to do at the weekend so I decided to go Thorpe Park - a amusement centre last Sunday. It is situated in Windsor between Surrey and Staines .I was accompanied with my family ,friends and relatives . I hired a big van to accommodate all twelve members of us and it took me two hours to drive there .Although actual time to travel there is one hour ,however unfortunately we stuck in traffic jams in city for an hour . Luckily it was a lovely sunny Sunday morning – good enough to complete the whole day trip . After finishing all ticket formalities we did two easy boating and two easy ridings for two hours to get used with the environment in the park. And then paddling boat for another hour was followed by home cooked delicious lunch for an hour. While the children were on swinging we adults just went to enjoy the beautiful sceneries around the park by walking . Then very exciting moment arrived - to ride on the Europe highest roller coaster .Compared the money spent we had a very enjoyable day out and I will remember every moment of the day in Thorpe Park.

sorry in the last sentence ''the''Thorpe Park

It was the day after christmas, and i remember my friend saying we got to go out together somewhere, so he picked me up , i thought we were going to the amusement park, but we headed to his home first where i was welcomed by his lovely wife and wonderful kids, they offered lunch, and we ate together , and they got ready to go out , and we headed out to the amusement park , where we played all kinds of arcade games and rides. we ate popcorn as a small snack as we were getting alll tired from roaming around the place! it was packed with people and laughing children running here and there and waiting in queues to get into the ride.as the night started to come to an end, we were getting hungry,as it was past dinner time. we stopped at burger king and ordered burgersandwiches,which were very delicious and were finished in a matter of seconds, that only shows nothing but how hungry we certainly were!! As the weather was surprisingly good too, we couldnt miss the chance of not going to the corniche( a road along the coastal sea) ! especially since it was so close to the amusement park!We headed to the corniche and spent like an hour or so, we didnt want to leave, the surroundings were quiet with the sound of the sea waves hitting against the rocks.However we soon got tired from sitting on the bench, and we decided it was finally time to part ways, i gotta say tho it was one of my best days ever ^_^

It was a few months ago before the pandemic outbreak, I've been travelling to many places to enjoy my weekends with my famil. On that Saturday afternoon, my family invited some of our family friends over to have a barbecue at the park, at first i expected it to be regular as usual but it turned out to be quite amazing. Usually there were only a few people with us due to their jobs and schedules , however on that day, almost everyone whose our family friend came and spend the dinner with us. The adults made plenty of food, which i barely got to eat, it was like a whole feast filled with deliciousness when the food were ready. In the park there are many benches so we sat there to munch all the food. It was scrumptious ! After that, my sister and i went off with other kids and played games at the playground, moreover i met my best friends as i was coming towards the swing. We talked, laughed and even played with the other kids. Overall, it was fun, i got to say, despite it seems like a regular day out but to me it was clearly the best day of my life. Not only did i spend the afternoon with my family but also with my best friends.

What are the cultural values of your country?
could you help me to answer this quetion for part 3

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