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February 21, 2020


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The prompts are written to be the most obvious things you would say about a topic. For example, if the the topic is about something you bought, the first prompt would be 'What was it?'. It is almost impossible to talk for two minutes about a topic in a relevant way and not cover at least two of the prompts.

The prompts are there to help students (usually the weakest ones) by giving them specific things to talk about. The prompts are also there to give the examiner a way to 'push' the candidate to reach two minutes by asking, 'Can you tell me more about...?'.

No examiner uses the prompts directly when they assess a candidate. However, because they are the most obvious details, if you don't answer some of them then you are likely leaving out vital information that helps the examiner understand what you are saying, and therefore you could be incoherent (which falls under your fluency score).

Thanks sir
For such information

Hi simon,
Can i repeat the prompts in my part 2 speaking?
For example say "In response to the first point of who the person was i can say that blah blah blah"
Is this structure acceptable or will i lose points for this?

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