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January 21, 2021


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Dear Simon, I'm writing to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I acted on your tips and I got 7.5 in my exam. You are the best!
God bless you.

Congratulations Behi, that's fantastic news!

Dear Mr Simon,
I use the phrase "saw an increase" in my sentence:

"the Uk saw an increase in the proportion of car users between 1990 and 2000"
I want to add data to this sentence, so Can I write "the Uk saw an increase from 45% to 55% in the proportion of car users between 1990 and 2000"?

[Hi, Simon. I am going to learn by myself. which one is better to learn four skills at one time or to learn one of them and then to move to the next. Thanks for your answer beforehand. I am going to learn but I can't know where to start]


Yes, that's fine.



I recommend working on all four skills, but you can spend more time on one skill than the others. For example, you'll probably spend more time on writing than listening.

Remember that the four skills are all related and will help each other.

Simon. I couldn't agree more about doing an essay TOGETHER with the student. Things fall into place . Idea, explanation (or extension)eg. The students LOVE this method. My ambition however is to have students get 7 in writing but that has only happened twice.

Hi Simon, am so glad to see you're back. When you said you were going to take a break for a while I had meant to send a message to thank you for all the years of hard work you'd put in, but shamefully didn't get round to it. So I'll say it now: thank you good teacher and all the plaudits there are belong to you. I've been an IELTS test prep teacher and an examiner since the late 90s, (yes, back when we only had Cambridge 1 - not from actual tests but rather written by English teachers like us and therefore very difficult - and the good old trusty IELTS to Success to help us) and I've been following you pretty much since you started. In all of these years, I have to say it is only your material that I can totally trust. If I haven't had time to write a sample essay myself, or if I am running behind schedule and haven't had much time to review some material, it is only yours that I can take into the classroom almost blind and have faith that I will not be embarrassed by stuff that contradicts what I teach, or otherwise just contains errors. Of course, there are a few minor things that I might disagree with, but they're not worth mentioning. So once again, I'm really grateful for the hard work you've put in to help both students and teachers alike over the years.
All the best to you good sir!

Thanks Brigid and Daniel.

It's always nice to hear from other teachers, and it's a real compliment that you trust my advice and materials!

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