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January 25, 2021


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I really have difficulty in writing process and diagram, the exam I took part in two years ago, I wrote a line and it was lucky, but I really worry for my next test.

I think this checklist is really useful. In preparing for the exam, students may also want to include some of their own ideas to add to Simon's list.

For example, what about 'I know how to write an Essay Plan' for Writing Task 2? If you have any other ideas, why not share them in the comments?

Checklist is the best for ielts preparation technique.

I am just getting started with the preparation and I am going to use this checklist to keep a track of things. looking farward to it. Thanks :)

Hi,my goal for speaking is over 6.5. but however i have not a chance to practice with someone.(i dont even know whats my current level in speaking right now lol) so im looking for a friend who we can practice in speaking on Skype. Maybe it'll help both of us.

Skype : birkaranlikyol

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