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February 03, 2021


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thanks sir

Any student who is practicing Writing Task 2 can, therefore, go straight to Level 3.

It's not a progression from Level 1 to Level 3 so, as Simon says, just practice Level 3. Break essays down to sentence level and understand what you are trying to achieve with each sentence.

We can look forward to Simon's eBook about how to do this, but meanwhile he has lots of complete essays and blogs in the Archive to help you to write essays at Level 3.

Dear Simon ,

Thank you for your excellent information and help.

Don’t you have examples of General Training Task 2? I can only find the task1 (letters) and Task2 (for academic).

Thank you 🙏

Nada chahind

Use the academic Task2 assignments for practice.

For Task 2 the marking criteria are the same for both Academic and General. The following link to British Council mentions that for the
General essay "The essay can be fairly personal in style." https://www.britishcouncil.org.nz/exam/ielts/which-test/general-training

Please check below task:
Now a days, language is playing crucial and vital role for a person own development and country progress. A group favours the reason of learning a foreign language has purpose to travel or work in a foreign country while other people supports that reason to learn language should not go aboard ,it is involved many other reasons. It can play crucial role in many other fields in country. Every subject has its own pros and cons which can be elaborated as follows to elucidate the topic.
Firsly, learning foreign language leads to develop relation with other countries in term of good business. Commonly, business is not limited at national level and is expanded to international boundries. Simultaneously, other fields like education system can be imporved by learning other languages. These days students of various countries travel to study. If teachers learn different languages, it helps to give a chance to student for study in a country. At same time tourism industry boosts up to higher, as it will be easier for toursits to understand about local cultrue and tradition.
Secondly, local language is important and reachable to understand for local people. Foreign language effects on locals. Chances of jobs for locals reduce. Moral of own language falls down. Citizens learn more foreign language than local which becomes a reason to vanish local language in the future.
In a nutshell, I strongly outweigh my support for learning foreign language. As bilingual people development factor for society and nation is higher than one language. They contribute in prosperity of underdeveloped country as well as. Anyhow,(nevertheless,) national langauge should be given more importance for survival of it.


Your writing is quite good in terms of the range of vocabulary. However, the ideas that you are trying to put across do not come through to me very well. I have seen this type of writing before, usually from the Indian subcontinent. It is possibly influenced by the grammar and style of Sanskrit-based languages (Marathi?). The other possibility is that you are still under the delusion that stuffing your essay full of 'advanced' phrases will somehow impress the Examiner enough to get your submission across the finish line. Unfortunately this is not the case: it just makes it more difficult to understand. My recommendation would be that you enrol in Simon's online class and listen to his feedback. Then you might have a chance of getting level 7.0 .

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